Sunday, March 27

New York Athletic Club vs Manhattan Kickers (1-1)
As of now, New York Athletic Club and Manhattan Kickers played to a 1-1 draw on Travers Island. With ten minutes to play, NYAC’s only registered coach received a red card for dissent against the referee. The game was called from that point and league arbitration is still being decided.

Stats from this game will not count. However, the original scoring saw Athletic Club take the lead in the first 25 minutes off a Manhattan defensive error. Midway through the first half Mustafa Mohamandi tied the game, 1-1.

Beyond FC vs Borgetto FC (0-10)
Goals (and assists), in order:

  • Alexis Santa (Alejandro Bastidas)
  • Angelo Bordenca (Matthew Hesse)
  • Timothy Gallagher-de Meij (Sergio Abarca)
  • Alexis Santa
  • Sergio Abarca (Alexis Santa)
  • Kevin Nunez (Alexis Santa)
  • John Rodriguez
  • Angelo Bordenca (Jesus Patino)
  • Timothy Gallagher-de Meij
  • Angelo Bordenca (Jesus Patino)

Stal Mielec NY vs Kelmendi FC NY (1-4)
No information given

New York Shamrock SC vs Hoboken FC 1912 (1-0)
Chris Uy helped defending Division 1 champions New York Shamrocks SC keep their narrow league hopes alive. His goal pushed the Rocks to a 1-0 win over fellow title chasers Hoboken FC 1912.

“Much needed win today to retain our small chance of the title, in pretty miserable conditions at that,” said captain Darren Coleman. “The lads did the hard work against the wind in the first half, which gave us the platform to kick on in the second half.”

Kurt Cameron assisted Uy on the goal. Shamrock’s goalkeeper Alex Heston saved the three points at the end. The New Jersey side nearly equalized in the final minutes before Herston made an incredible save.

“We shouldn’t underplay how big of a result that could turn out to be,” Coleman said. “We go again next week!”

Richmond County FC vs Polonia SC (7-2)
No goal scorer information provided by Polonia SC

Richmond goals (and assists), in order:

  • Bljedi Bardic (Mark Shnadshteyn)
  • Mark Shnadshteyn (Bljedi Bardic)
  • Amir Islami (Bljedi Bardic)
  • Bljedi Bardic (Jonard Kadriu)
  • James Haddad (Bljedi Bardic)
  • James Haddad (Jonard Kadriu)
  • Alban Zekaj (Kemal Brkanovic)


FC Sandžak vs Zum Schneider FC 03 II (0-1)
Alberto Poleo’s second half goal was enough to get Zum Schneider FC 03 II the win, 1-0, over FC Sandzak. His goal came after Atay Yilmaz’s corner found him eight yards out. It’s a massive result for Zum against a club that has been a challenge nearly every week this season.

On defense, Ricky Bowry made multiple stellar saves to hold the clean sheet in the rough weather.

Saturday, April 2
FC Sandžak vs Beyond FC (5-2)
No information given

Sunday, April 3
Polonia SC vs Stal Mielec NY (5-2)
No information given

Hoboken FC 1912 vs Manhattan Kickers (2-1)
No goal scorers reported by New York Shamrock SC
A fast first half saw all the goals between Hoboken FC 1912 and Manhattan Kickers. The home side grind-ed out a win, 2-1, and avoided dropping points in what would have been an upset.

Hoboken took the lead in the 12th minute when Dante Petrocelli pressured the goalkeeper and took advantage of him coming off his line to challenge. He crossed to Dimitri Mataras who finished with a nice volley into the back of the net. The Kickers tied the game in the 35th when Brett Rojas capitalized off a keeper error of his own, but it did not last. Hoboken re-took the lead in the 40th when Petrocelli played a cross from the right to Camilo Rosero. He passed back and forth with Mataras before the latter chipped the ball into the net for the winning goal.

New York Shamrock SC vs Zum Schneider FC 03 II (3-0)
No goal scorers reported by New York Shamrock SC
New York Shamrock SC kept its Division 1 title hopes alive with a strong second half against Zum Schneider FC 03 II. Three unanswered goals kept the defending champions in fourth place and only two games behind first.

Zum squandered multiple chances in the first half to get on the board and lost control as time went on. A foul near the edge of the box was ruled a penalty, successfully converted by the Rocks, with the tone of the match shifting from there.

Kelmendi FC NY vs New York Athletic Club (1-1)
No goal scorers reported by New York Athletic Club
A tightly coordinated defensive effort gave Kelmendi FC NY a 1-1 draw against CSL heavyweight New York Athletic Club. Center Back Elton Gjelaj was a focal point in the three man line that held back NYAC for nearly the entire match. Xhek Rragami’s header got Kelmendi on the board during the second half.

Borgetto FC vs Richmond County FC (3-2)
In a game to decide first place in Division 1, Borgetto FC walked out with three points. The Defending Division 2 champions now sit in first place in D1 over Richmond County FCAngelo Bordenca and John Sebastian both scored early on. Richmond only tied late, with under ten minutes to play, thanks to goals from Bljedi Bardic and Ady Gaye, assisted by James Haddad and Gaye. 

Borgetto’s winning shot came in stoppage time when Jesus Patino assisted Jeffery Gad.