September 21-22, 2013 Matches

1. Petit-Homme, Ralph Pass#137-15493-99. Grenadier Zenith, Metro 1 Div. 1st offence. Rule VI-6B. Rough play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

2. Stolarczyk, Bartlomiej, Pass#130-15320-67. F C Gwardia PLNY, Metro 1 Div. 1st offense. Rule VI-6D Insulting referee using abusive language. I called the referee . He said he called the referee a 4 letter words & insulted his mother in English & Polish. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

3. Sylvander, Lyle Pass #136-15276-81. F C Japan 2nd Div. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

4. Kalpaxis, Andreas Pass#---/---70-81. Shamrock SC 2nd Div. 1st offence. Rule VI-6D. Insulting Referee. I called referee, Player came to the referee’s face & started using 4 letter words & continued on the side line. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

5. Soufiare, Fahri Pass#000-15270-88, NYC Metro Stars, Metro 2 Div. 1st offense, 2nd yellow card. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

6. Housepian, Aram Pass# 000-15385-69, Homentmen of NY. Metro 2 div. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION (From game on 9/8/13)

7. Muro, Christopher Pass#138-15278-69 CPR Legends O-30/ 2nd Div.B. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B, Rough Play. 2 GAME SUSPENSION.

8. The game between Flank United & NY Ukrainian. 2nd Div. Res. Flank United was a no show. Flank United will lose the game & pay the referees fee. Team will be fined $200 for forfeiting the game. 

10. The game between Queens United & Lansdowne Bhoys  Metro 1 Div. The game was called off because Queens United had no NETS for the goal. The called the game off. Queens United is fined $200 & pay referees fee. Lansdowne Bhoys will get the 3 points.

11.  NY Croatia Reserve & Pancyprians Reserve. Croatia did not show and will lose the game. Team will be fined $300 for forfeiting the game.










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