Decision of Arbiter on Claim Filed by Doxa FC - September 22, 2019 Match

Player was eligible to play as he was not formally suspended nor notified of any suspension, by the arbiter, the state or any other formal overning body. Unfortunately, as in all levels of sport, you cannot go by a "honor" system but must rely on formal procedures and processes. Especially in amateur divisions, you cannot know what the referee will include in his report, we will not know if he has mistakenly given the red card to someone else, or even if he has recorded it at all.

And therefore before we get the official report, we cannot know the facts and we cannot sanction a player, team or official.  Many leagues allow 14 days for the suspension to occur.

In all other cases, lets say that the player was held off voluntarily, and the report came in with another name, then the other player would have been suspended this week, or an appeal/correction process would have begun which may or may not have concluded by the weekends game, and therefore may have forced a player to miss 2 matches or a wrong player to be suspended for 1 match.

As for the second part of the complaint, there is absolutely nothing to suggest that Samba played a player that was red carded, no such name or indication appears on the report, there are not pictures or any other evidence presented, and therefore that part of the protest has no merit what-so-ever.

Conclusion, Doxa's protest is denied.  Score stands. 










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