September 29-30, 2018 MATCHES

1. Division 2. FC Ulqini. Ritvan Mahmeti. Denied Goal-Foul. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.  


2. Division 2. FC Ulqini. Gledis Neza. 2nd Yellow  Card. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.  


3. Division 2. FC Ulqini. Albert Salaj. Conduct Contrary to Team Manager Requirement, Refusing to Identify Player to Match Official. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.


4. Division 2. FC Ulqini. Bardhy Qarri. Abusive Language. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION. $50 FINE; Additionally Refusing to Report to Officials. 4 MATCH SUSPENSION. $100 FINE; TOTAL 6 MATCH SUSPENSION. $150 FINE.


5. Division 2. Real Ole FC vs. Brishna. Game stands as played final score as whistled.The league will investigate to its ability, but also a notice is to be sent to both teams that a) if there is proof for either team for any racist commen tary there will be heavy fines and suspension b) if there are reports of falsely reporting such allegation, similarly there will be heavy penalties. These things should neither be taken lightly nor used to create a combative atmosphere at matches.


6. Metro Division 2. Flushing FC. FORFEIT 3-0. $200 FINE. 


7. Metro Division 2. Flushing FC. Simeno Trigueno. Extreme Violent Conduct, Causing Abandonment. 1 YEAR SUSPENSION. $200 FINE. 


8. Metro Division 2. Flushing FC.Leonardo Coppola. 2nd Yellow Card. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.  


9. Metro Division 2. Flushing FC. Joseph Palermo. Abusive Language. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.


10. Metro Division 2. NY Greek Americans Metro. Jorge Gonzalez. 2nd Yellow Card. 1 MATCH SUSPENSION.


11. Metro Division 2. NY Greek Americans Metro. Dimitrios Theodorokopoulos. Violent Counduct-Reduced for Self Defense. 2 MATCH SUSPENSION


12. Metro Division 2. Grenadier Zenith. FOREFEIT 3-0. $200 FINE TO BE PAID TO BROOKLYN BOUND SC.










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