October 21-22, 2017 Matches

1. Division 1 Reserves. Central Park Rangers Whites Reserves. Lanfia Diaby. Denial of Goal.1 GAME SUSPENSION. 

2. Division 1 Reserve. Zum Schneider FC 03 Reserve. Kevin Correa. Violent Conduct. 6 GAME SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.

3. Division 2. Manhattan Celtic. Omar Amari. Second Yellow Card. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

4. Division 2. Brishna. Firoze Mehidel. Second Yellow Card. 1 GAME SUSPENSION. 

5. Division 2. Panatha USA. George Delardas. Abusive Language. 2 GAME SUSPENSION. $50 FINE.

6. Division 2. Protest/Claim Filed by Sporting Astoria Denied. No clear and convincing evidence is found to substantiate to claim against Brishna. Score will remain as reported

7 Division 2 Reserves. Brishna Reserve. Sabir Mashriqi. Abusive Language and Obscene Behavior to Non-Player/Fans. 4 GAME SUSPENSION. $50 FINE. 

8. Division 2 Reserves. Sporting Astoria SC Reserve. Carlos Hernandez. Retaliation and Violent Conduct. 4 GAME SUSPENSION. $50 FINE. 

9. Division 2 Reserves. Panatha USA Reserves. Nikolaos Galiatsatos. Violent Conduct/Causing a Match to be Abandoned. 4 GAME SUSPENSION. $100 FINE.

10. Metro Division 1. FC Uqini. Edmir Arucevic. Second Yellow Card. 1 GAME SUPENSION. 

11. Metro Division 2. Mola SC. Rocco Badalamenti. Violent Conduct and Abusive Behavior to Referee. 4 GAME SUSPENSION. $50 FINE. 

12. Metro Division 2. Missle FC. Jeff Louisme. Denial of Goal. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.








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