May 9-10, 2015 Matches

1.  Metro 1Div. The game between NYC Villaznia & Ridgewood Romac SC. Ridgewood forfeited the game by Wedneday and will be fined $150, will lose points & fined by the league.

2. Metro 2 Division Mola  &  FC NY Bravehearts. Called before Wednesday to forfeit the game. Because it's the last quarter of the season they will be fined $150 & lose the points.

3. Metro 2 Division FC Spring Valley Huerto United  &  AO Brooklyn. AO Brooklyn didn't show up and forfeited the game. Because it's the last quarter of the season, they will be fined $300 and pay referee's fee's & lose the points.

4.  The game between Grenadier Zenith & NY Galicia. Grenadier Zenith forfeited the game by not showing up. They will lose the points be fined $300 & pay referee's fee.

5.  O-30 2nd Div. The game between Brooklyn Gunners & NYPD FC. The game was forfeited by NYPD and Brooklyn Gunners is waiving the fine.

6.  O-30 1st Div. The game between NY Dinamo & Barnstonworth Rovers Old Boys. Dynamo forfeited - Barnstonworth Rovers waived the fine.             

7.  Krzyztof, Heizy (138-1585). FC Gwardia PLNY Metro 1 1st offense. Denied goal scoring opportunity. 1 GAME SUSPENSION.

8.  Guengueng, John (130-15350-80). Metro Stars, Metro 2 Div. 2nd offense. Rule VI-6B Violent conduct. Kicked an opponent with excessive forec. 6 GAME SUSPENION.

9.  DaSilva,, Denilson (135-5270-28). Metro Stars, Metro 2 Div. 1st offense. Rule VI-6B Violent  conduct. Kicked opponent with excessive force. 4 GAME SUSPENSION.

10. Calle, Edison (HEAD COACH). Rule VI-6D. Using offensive, insulting & abusive language. The Coach made no attempt to control his players. The Head Coach should control his team, which he didn't. 4 GAME SUSPENSION & $200 fine

All SUSPENSION will be carried over to the 2015 & 2016 Season. All fines must be paid before the season starts.










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